Colette was a dormitory for local workers of Old Dairy Farm Depot. At that time, it was common for a two-storey building to have shops or storerooms on the lower floor and a residence on the upper floor. Some of the Dairy Farm Company’s workers, including local Hong Kongers and imported workers from Mainland China, lived in this dormitory. Under British rule, there were restrictions on local people living in Central, so we think it’s admirable that the company provided accommodation for its local workers.

Colette used to be the Fringe Club’s office. Then it became a photo gallery and finally the artbar. Unlike in a normal bar, artworks and photos are exhibited on the walls, so we’ve called the venue an artbar. It was named after Colette Koo, a local actress, artist, performer and entrepreneur. She was also a volunteer and a good friend of the Fringe Club. 


Now, Colette is more than just a bar serving drinks – it also serves a vegetarian lunch buffet and Asian-style snacks. It integrates art into the bar, and provides a comfortable space where members can exchange ideas after shows.